How It Works

Proposals and Initial Planning

What you should know about initial home remodeling steps and getting started.

The Initial Project Plan
Up-front planning is key for a smooth and successful renovation. That’s why we take the time to create a thoughtful and comprehensive plan, with all proposed project costs. The nominal fee for this phase is $75.

We’re Flexible
Have a good idea of what you want? The more affordable Streamlined Design-Build approach may be for you. Prefer a more extensive review of options and choices? Use our Design Concierge Service, or consult with an independent architect or interior designer. 

Respect for Your Budget
If you have a budget in mind, let us know, so we can focus on the right options. We always look for ways to save you money, without compromising quality. And we hate surprise expenses as much as you do.

Typical Project Costs
Although Earth Sky Builders typically take on projects of $50K or more, we can often do renovations starting at $10K. You’ll find that we are an excellent value among top-tier renovation contractors.

Not the Cheapest Option
Some contractors save you money by pushing the job through without considering the details. They use inexpensive materials, neglect permitting, and don’t manage their subcontractors well. That’s not us.

Let’s See What You’ve Got
If you have pictures of remodeling ideas that you like, or samples or swatches you’ve collected, great – we’ll discuss those at our initial meeting. We know it’s your home, and any project begins with your ideas. 

Feeling Overwhelmed?
With all the decisions and details, that’s natural. But with calm and professional guidance, and knowing the steps, work schedule, and fee schedule to expect, you’ll quickly feel confident that you’re in good hands.

Let’s Get Started
If the cost estimate makes sense for you, we’ll prepare a contract for you to sign, and an invoice for the deposit amount. Then we’ll immediately begin the design and permitting steps of your home remodel.

Have Questions?
Get in touch, and we’ll be glad to answer initial queries about Atlanta home remodeling steps and details. But often, we can address those issues more thoroughly once we’ve visited and assessed your specific needs.