About Earth Sky Builders

Meet Russ Carnes

Your Atlanta home remodeling contractor is a homeowner too – so he knows what’s important.

Growing up, Russ had planned to be a farmer. He was inspired by his grandfather, a South Georgia farmer, and a man of humility, hard work, and a conservation ethic.

However, while working in a college farm program, Russ discovered he wasn’t very good at agriculture. During a side trip to a timber frame worksite, he discovered his real passion: building things, rather than growing things. 

Russ returned to Atlanta to work in construction, helping to hang doors and build cabinets. Soon, he was hooked on the idea of making things that would last. Somehow, it felt like he was helping to set the world in order. 

Russ applied his granddaddy’s work values in his own way, from planning projects, to helping it all take shape, to the satisfaction of walking into the finished rooms he had created.

With some good experience behind him, he turned that passion into a business, as a home remodeling contractor. At Earth Sky Builders, Russ enjoyed communicating with people, taking care of them, and finding ways to give them what they wanted.

Paul Sibley was one of Russ’ first customers. Impressed with Russ’ work and work ethic, Paul left his corporate job to contribute his organizational skills and eye for detail at Earth Sky Builders. Then Kate Moorman signed on, a perfect fit to manage office and financial duties.

That core team, supported by a range of other skilled building professionals, continues to delight homeowners throughout the Atlanta area. They bring fresh ideas – and honest craftsmanship inspired by a man who once farmed the sunny fields of South Georgia.

Paul Sibley, Kate Moorman and Russ Carnes