Sustainable Style

 When we were called on to update our client's aging kitchen, sustainable and enviornmentally minded products were key on their desire list.  We started with bamboo cabinetry throughout the entire space. Low VOC fume paints were used on the wall and trim.  Water based adhesives and sealers were used for the tile floor and the backsplash.  Lighting starts natural with big windows throughout the kitchen and the adjoining rooms, and led lighting generously accents the space, via pendants, under cabinet lighting and stylish fixtures. 


The clean vertical lines of the bamboo drawers and cabinets flow well with the geometry of the room, but are thin enough to not feel busy. Doors and windows are boldly framed and richly painted. The island, countertop and backsplash anchor the room in a cool white reflection. The cooktop and sitting area are one integrated space, tying the dining area into the cooking experience.